Dietary Fats

Does good dietary fat increase body fat?
Feel like you’re not getting enough ‘GOOD’ fats in your day? Do you think you’re eating the wrong kinds
of fats? Or are you cutting all fats out of your diet? Educating yourself about the differences between
consumable good and bad fats is an important element in helping your body run at its best.

There is an overwhelming amount of information and research concerning good and bad fats. Arm
yourself with knowledge by researching multiple products, information resources and consult with your
medical practitioner for some guidance and add good fats into your program.

Saturated Fats and Trans Fats we all know because these fats are often in the fatty foods that we crave.
Both of these fats have been shown to increase your total blood Cholesterol levels which can end up
leading to type 2 diabetes and or other medical conditions. Some serious and some treatable.

There are also fats that are said to be healthy for an individual. These fats are know as
Monounsaturated Fats, Polyunsaturated Fats, EFA’s and/or Omega 3 Fatty acids (EPA/DHA). These fats
could have a positive impact on the individuals overall health, energy and recovery. These good fats
have been shown to aid in improving blood cholesterol levels, assist in decreasing the chances of heart
disease, support brain and eye function and also support the hormone and immune system. Good fats
can also aid the user to achieve their fitness goals by improving vasodilation or blood flow during
exercise. High levels of good fats are also enjoying the good reputation of altering a person’s
metabolism and aiding in an overall lean full look.

It’s rare that a person eats fatty fish daily let alone enough to meet the FDA recommended daily
allowance. For this reason, Fish oil supplements have gained a great following because of their mere
convenience. This supplement is a good tool to add to an arsenal for many fitness addicts, athletes
and/or the consumers that just can’t eat enough. Manufactures have made this easy. There are pills
and liquids available. There is new technology the limits or removes the fishy taste and smell from the
products. Flavored, non-flavored and easy to swallow enteric coated capsules. Whatever form or good
fats you decide to purchase, try to get a good dosage of 500 mg combined EPA/DHA.

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), an omega-6 fatty acid is a non-essential fat that has enjoyed a great
relationship with the fitness minded consumer. Studies have shown that this non-essential fat has the
potential to decrease body fat and increase definition. Bring on the ABS!!!

It sounds a bit crazy, but if you eat good fat….the body has the ability to burn fat. There is some research
that explains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) and how it can aid in fat burning and assist in improving
the overall look of the body. Lean, hard or a full look.

Good fats have the ability to aid in overall general health, weight management, cardiovascular health,
immune health, increase athletic potential, increase energy, sculpt the body and treat some medical
conditions. Always double check with your medical practitioner before starting any supplementation.

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