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Quest Nutrition’s humble beginnings started in the small kitchen of Shannon Penna. With a simple idea, rolling pins, and the desire to develop a great protein bar that people would crave constantly, she worked tirelessly to revolutionize the protein market. It was in 2010 that the Quest journey towards success began. A select group of people bunched around a small kitchen with a vision for a new kind of protein bar – one that tastes great, travels well and is price competitive - the Quest team began experimenting!

Utilizing different sweeteners, ingredients, and multiple formulas, they were able to achieve the “perfect” protein bar.  The Quest team worked hard getting the taste and texture just right. The first release by Quest Nutrition consisted of just two flavors – Vanilla Almond Crunch and Peanut Butter Supreme. Quest now produces 26 protein bar flavors, 7 protein chips flavors, and 8 protein powder flavors.


Faced with countless hurdles and hiccups along the way, Shannon Penna and her team successfully created a new standard for the protein bar market using the highest quality ingredients available. Their mission is to create and innovate clean protein snacks that are easy on the go, and low in sugar. A constant "quest" for metabolic increasing ingredients with cutting edge science to back them up.  Quest Nutrition offers FDA approved fiber, custom inclusions and chips, as well as low calorie sweeteners like Allulose.

Quest Nutrition is the maker of the health industries best selling high protein, high fiber, soy free, gluten free, low-carb bar, because  it’s tasty with delectable combinations.

Quest Bars appeal to athletes, low carb enthusiasts and those looking for a satisfying snack.

They are popular because they have one of the best nutritional profiles the market. The quality of the bar is evident when you read the label: offering 20-21 grams of protein, 2-7 grams of Active Carbs, tons of fiber, and no added sugar or junk. Quest Bars are made with high-quality bioavailable proteins and other ingredients you know and understand! Most importantly, they taste amazing and come in more than 25 flavors!

Quest did not stop with their innovation.  The Quest protein cookie was introduced.

This soft and chewy protein treat is naturally flavored, low sugar, high fiber and travels well.  A tasty treat that helps not only kill the food cravings but helps with health and mental stamina.

Quest introduced their Ready To Drink High Protein Shake in 2019. Marking almost a decade of providing clean protein options, Quest has continued to improve on their mission to create low sugar, low carb, high protein products that taste better than anything else on the market.

Quest protein powders are made from the highest quality protein sources: Whey Isolate, Micellar Casein and Milk Protein Isolate. Always believing that the greatest measure of protein powder is its protein to calories percentage, Quest created a protein that's hard to beat. Quest protein powder is produced with one of the highest percentages of any protein.

Finally, Quest delivers a well-seasoned Protein Tortilla and Protein Chip. Crunchy, savory snacks with endless possibilities.

Each distinctive bag contains 21 grams of high quality protein per bag, 5g of total carbs, and zero junk ingredients.  Making this snack delicious and guilt free! With delicious choices like Chili Lime, Loaded Taco and BBQ, you can't go wrong!

Their variety in products make sure to aid in fueling with correct foods at optimal times.  Quest makes it easier to reach your goals without boring macros. Every meal feels like a cheat meal when it comes to Quest.  Quest is all about living a better lifestyle through health and fitness.

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