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Strengthen Your Grip: Performa Wrist Wraps

Performa Wrist Wraps for Grip Strength and Stability. Working out can add its fair share of wear and tear on your body and your joints over time. It can also wreak havoc on your hands, and particularly your grip strength. Investing in a good set of wrist wraps is a worthy investment that will pay immediate dividends. Good quality wrist wraps will allow you to squeeze out an extra few reps. Add some more weight to your next set and protect your hands.

Ultra Premium Wrist Wraps For Stability and Stress Relief On Joints

Performa Wrist Wraps provide support and stability to the wrist during lifting. Made from high-quality elastic materials that will help stabilize your wrists. Used for grip strength, proper form and relieves stress on the wrist bones. Also designed to relieve discomfort in the wrist. And a variety of activities such as lifting weights or rehabilitation after injury. Or other activities that place stress on the wrist and hands. Such as construction work and gardening.

Using the wrist wraps is simple. Insert your thumb through the loop, wrap around the wrist and fasten. Remove thumb loop or tucked under for comfort. The stiffness of the wraps apply enough pressure to your joints to create stability. Stability that you do not have on your own. They can increase your endurance and number of reps you lift as a result.

What Are the Benefits of Using Performa Wrist Wraps?

Performa Wrist Wraps offer many benefits:
  • Provide wrist support
  • Allow you to lift more weight
  • Help prevent wrist injuries
  • Reduce pain associated with lifting heavy
  • Improve grip strength and endurance
  • Can be used for a variety of athletic and physical activities

Get Performa Wrist Wraps Today!

Take your workout to the next level with a pair of wrist wraps from Performa. Order online today and save! Sports Nutrition Center is your number one online supplement and fitness accessory store. Performa Wrist Wraps for grip and stability!

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