Brand Spot Light: Quest Nutrition

Quest Nutrition ImageHumbled Beginnings to Billion Dollar Company: Quest Nutrition


Quest Develops High Protein Snacks. Releasing Two Flavors of Their Signature Protein Bar for the First Time in 2010.

Quest Nutrition is known for low carb protein bars. Protein snacks and powders that taste amazing. Products that come in classic and unique flavors. A leader in innovative. And finally a supplement line that is convenient and high quality.

Known as a mogul in the protein supplement industry.  Quest Nutrition started out with a group of bakers. Headed by Shannon Penna. With the idea to create a protein bar with a new and tasty texture. Knowing they wanted to challenge the current chalky protein bars on the market.  Their soft, custom-inclusion filled bars came to fruition after countless mishaps and blunders.

Moving forward, Shannon wanted to find a way to combine the decadence of desserts with the nutrition of superfoods. In 2010 the Quest team developed and debuted two flavors of their protein bars. Vanilla Almond Crunch and Peanut Butter Supreme. These two original flavors are part of a growing variety of flavors.  Containing a lower glycemic index than outsourced versions.

The Mission: To Boldly Innovate the Protein Market with On the Go High Protein Snacks

With a new goal in mind. Quest Nutrition pushed the standards of protein food and supplements when they released their popular protein cookies.  These high protein snacks are soft and chewy.  Their great taste is as good as the real thing while providing a better standard of nutritional value.

Moving forward in innovation.  Quest added low-carb protein powders to their product line.  Utilizing a cutting edge approach to low sugar, and high protein.  With great mixability. Quest is known for their unique but memorable protein flavors.

Quest constantly aims to create innovative, high protein snacks. Hence, the Quest Hero bar was introduced.  This unique bar is naturally sweetened with Allulose.  Allulose is a single sugar that does not raise insulin or blood sugar levels the way other sugars do. It is also only one tenth the calories of white sugar. Making the  sweetener an innovative and perfect addition to the new bar. Using Allulose gave Quest a foothold in the supplement foods market. The Hero bar is the answer to a candy bar without the added sugar. This crunchy, dipped protein candy bar is gluten free, high fiber, and comes in 3 scrumptious flavor combinations: Blueberry Cobbler, Vanilla Caramel, and Chocolate Caramel Pecan.

The original style protein chips launched next.  Developed with a dairy based protein.  These chips provide nine essential amino acids.   And are baked with natural seasoning.  Individual packaging makes them a great mobile protein snack.  Another convenient and fast source of protein.

By the same token the tortilla style protein chips were launched. Keeping the amazing tastes and same manufacturing practices.  These protein tortillas fly off the shelf.

More Than Just Protein: Fiber, Carb and Sugar in Check

Quest provides you with high fiber, low carb, minimally sweetened protein snacks and protein powders.  Additionally all products are manufactured for convenience and on the go. Taste and texture protein snacks that will help you reach your goals and maintain a food program.  Most importantly only using ingredients and macros that won’t kill your food plan.

Each protein bar made by Quest has 12g-17g of fiber, 20g-22g bioavailable protein and less than 2 grams of sugar. Great for meal replacement, sweet tooth cravings and straight up hunger pain.  The Quest high protein bar is satisfying, filling and yummy! They appeal to anyone looking to reduce their sugar intake, cutout extra carbs, or anyone looking for a tasty, high protein snack.


No Matter Your Fitness or Health Lifestyle Goals, Quest Nutrition Can Improve Your Daily Diet While Providing Tasty Options of High Protein Snacks!



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