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Losing weight and losing body fat are two different animals. One goal may make a person look skinny fat the other goal may make a person look lean and sculpted. Pick your poison. If the goal is to lose body fat…throw away your scale and get on a healthy eating program and moderate exercise.

A food program may put the participant in a calorie deficit. Eating fewer calories than being burned during the day may prove successful. To low in calorie could result in losing muscle. A consistent program and monitoring the fat loss will aid in making any possible adjustments.

Fiber, water, quality proteins, good fats and complex carbs are great foods to incorporate into a food program. If time does not allow for food, good quality supplements may help. There are amino acid, fiber, appetite suppressants, energy products, non-stimulant fat burner, stimulant fat burners and many more supplements on the market that can be incorporated into any program.

Exercise is the second most important element to the success of a fat burning program. Keep in mind a balance of quality food, exercise, hydration, and sleep are all important elements to achieve a body transforming goal.