Our top selling Increase Protein products.

Protein shakes have found its way to the top of stardom in the supplement world. Adding protein to any food program will aid in its success. Whether the goal is to lose fat, gain muscle, feel better, look better, keto/paleo diet and much more, protein is the most requested food or supplement on the market.

Getting nutrients through food is always preferable. If a busy lifestyle or the lack of desire to cook is preventing the consumption of food proteins, consider a protein supplement.

Most protein supplements on the market are low fat and low sugar. There are many sources of protein supplements. The difference between them would lie in the raw material resource, the manufacturing process and how the product digests. Casein (milk), Egg, Whey, Beef, Beetle, Seed, Veggie are just amongst a few of the protein supplements available. Splenda, Stevia, Monk Fruit etc. are sweeteners currently used in protein supplements and snacks. Protein supplements are also manufactured with allergies or digestive issues in mind. Gluten Free, Non-GMO. Zero Lactose and more allergen free options are available.

If protein powders are not appealing, the supplement industry has many other protein options. Protein bars, cookies, snacks, chips, pizza, muffins and more. The list is long. Manufacturers also provide allergen free and naturally sweetened options.

No matter what the intake is, the end goal should be to eat enough quality nutritious food. It is not a healthy lifestyle to live on drinks or snacks. These supplements are only a tool to use in case of emergency or to plug a hole in an eating program.