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Every body type is different. Physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Everyone has different needs and requires different stimulation and nutrition to maintain mental and physical health. Daily stressors and environment make it challenging to achieve health and wellness. Health and wellness is a is a day to day process. Making the lifestyle choice and commitment to a goal is defined differently in each individual. For this reason, there are many gurus, expert, trainers etc that have so many different opinions and advice. Are they all correct? Yes/No. Are they all incorrect? Yes/No. Everyone is an individual, so every life goal and program must be individual.

Maintaining a healthy food, hydration and exercise program is important to maintaining individual health and wellness. Positive environments and/or events may be an added benefit to mental and spiritual wellness.

Quality foods, exercise, and continual hydration helps to fuel the body and mind. It’s always better to eat quality nutrients, but in a pinch multivitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbs can be used in place of missing nutrients.

No matter how you define general health and wellness, it’s always important to collaborate with your health practitioner and get a qualified trainer to start you off on the correct path.