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Ask 10 different people and you will get 10 different answers. All of them probably correct. Every goal and individual is different. Therefore every program must be tailored for the individual based on personal health, hormone health, lifestyle, physical activity level etc.

The look an individual tries to achieve is highly dependant on the quality of calories consumed and proper hydration. Think of yourself as a high performance vehicle. You would only want the best high octane fuel possible. The human body is the same. High quality food and/or supplements like Amino Acids and Natural Testosterone Boosters may compliment a program to increase performance and growth while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Eating 3000-5000 kcal/day to help gain muscle and/or weight is common. A food program for building muscle would consist of complex carbs, quality proteins and good fats. An individual with a busy lifestyle may use quality supplements to fill in any holes in their particular food program. Consistency in consumption is the key. Not all calories are created equal, so education on food and supplements are important.

Exercise is the second most critical component of success. Don’t get fooled by the newest trend. Nothing takes the place of hard work and consistency. Growth can be triggered by heavy and consistent weight training. Adding weight and intensity to each program is just as important. Sleep, rest and hydration need to be a part of any recovery protocol and work together to stimulate growth.