Sales Associate, Fitness Coach

Miles Mann

My name is Miles and I have always had a passion for health and fitness. Since June 2017 I’ve had the pleasure of joining the SNC Family and working here at the store. Being able to help others by providing knowledge and understanding in health-fitness and supplementation means I go to work each day able to help others.

Growing up I was always athletic and enjoyed competitive sports and an active lifestyle. My junior year of High School I underwent knee surgery and spent the next six-eight months recovering. Once healed I set goals for myself to get back to training and into the gym where I focused on health and fitness and found the lifestyle I am passionate about and live today.

Since 2014 I’ve competed in the NPC as a Men’s Physique Athlete both Locally, Regionally and Nationally.

During my competitive career I have won earned four first place wins, three Overall Men’s Physique Titles, and placed top ten nationally.

I work with clients for both lifestyle and competitive fitness coaching and enjoy helping others reach their own health and fitness goals, you can contact me through my Social Media and also by Email.

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