Seasoned Almonds


Seasoned Almonds, Wasabi Soy Sauce

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legendary foods seasoned almonds

Seasoned Almonds


3g Net Carbs. No Sugar Added. No Cane Juice. No Agave. No Honey. Gluten Free. 7g Carbs – 3g Fiber – 1g Erythritol = 3g Net Carbs. If You Want To Live A Legendary Life You Need Legendary Foods. At Legendary Foods, We Combine Ridiculously Good Taste With Health Food Ingredients To Create Products That Make People Better While Delighting Their Taste Buds. We Don’t Strive To Just Be “Better For You” But Instead” Great For You! That’s Why We Don’t Add Sugar to Our Foods (Or Cane Juice, Agave Nectar, Coconut Sugar, Or Whatever The Latest Trendy Word For Sugar That Companies Are using today). We Make Products For People Who Want Great Taste But Refuse To Trick Themselves Into Thinking That Eating Sugar Is A Good Idea Just Because It’s Considered “Natural.”

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5.250 × 5.000 × 7.250 in


43 g


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