Plasma Pump


Plasma Pump, Bulge Berri

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Train Naked Labs PLASMA PUMP BULGE BERRI 12oz12

Plasma Pump

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Plasma Pump - bulge-berri - 12 fl oz Bulge Berri12 fl oz 9.3 lbs $37.44
Plasma Pump - big-melons - 12 oz Big Melons 12 oz 9.3 lbs $37.44

Massive Pump. Zero Stimulants. 5,500 mg Citrulline Malate. 2,000 mg Beta Alanine. 1,500 mg Betaine. 1,000 mg Beet Root. Mood Enhancer. No Stims. All Pump. Delivering 20,300 MG of Muscle-Gorging ingredients, Plasma Pump is the strongest NOS/Pump RTD on the market! Plasma Pump has no stimulants. Simulants can reduce the pump effect by constricting blood flow. Ingredients including Glycerin, Citrulline Malate & Beet Root infuse your muscle using different pathways, providing a pump that will last into the next day. Efficacious dosages of Beta-Alanine & Betaine ignite your Muscles while l-Turine, n-Acetyl-l-Tyrosine & Beta Phenylethylamine enhance your mood. Train Naked Labs has nothing to hide – you will find full disclosure of all ingredients in the supplement fact panel.

Weight 9.3 lbs
Dimensions 8.000 × 10.500 × 7.000 in



12 fl oz, 12 oz


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