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    All Day You May

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    Are you serious about gains? ADYM has become the industry standard for maximum recovery and muscle growth supplement drink. Perfect for intra-workout and post-workout recovery.

    If you’re serious about gains, you need to start and continue your day in an anabolic environment. Start with ALL DAY YOU MAY. ADYM provides exactly what you need for maximum recovery and growth beginning with the critically important BCAAs as well as additional EAAs. 5% Nutrtion included an exclusive Conditionally Essential Amino Acid Blend, a special Amino Acid Support Blend, a powerful Intra-Cellular Buffer Blend, and a Joint Support Blend. Now that’s what a complete formula is all about!

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    AminoJect is the ultimate BCAA & glutamine recovery drink to maximize a streamlined physique. Utilizing only the highest quality plant derived amino acids, AminoJect’s purity and quality is unmatched along with its superior taste satisfaction.


    When it comes to quality amino acids, Evogen Nutrition has always set the standard when it comes to ultra-clean and pure fermented sources. Evogen first introduced their fermented branch chain amino acids into the market place with their stimulant free pre-workout powerhouse EVP. Seven years later, Evogen maintained this quality standard with all of their products, including their newest introduction, AminoJect.


    This amazing tasting formula is packed with not only BCAA’s, but also glutamine and betaine to accelerate recovery with unheard of speed. Would you expect anything less from The Pro Creator® Hany Rambod? Evogen has created a whole new ultra-premium BCAA category with the introduction of AminoJect. Feel and taste the AminoJect difference.


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    Carnigen 50 servings

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    Evogen Nutrition is known for pure innovation and hard-hitting supplements. Carnigen™ is the latest stimulant-free, ultra-premium and potent carnitine blend, which utilizes the newest carnitine formulation technology to convert fat to energy. To enhance the absorption and to ignite the precise carnitine matrix, Carnigen™ features key vitamins, minerals, and bioavailability enhancers to unleash its dramatic effects. It’s the perfect fat-loss solution before cardio or training. Rambod has devised the ultimate carnitine solution which encompasses a blend of four forms of carnitine to help elevate your physique to the next level. It tastes delicious too. Try it and see for yourself!

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    Introducing GlycoJect™ – Evogen Nutrition’s Elite Pre- & Post-Workout Carbohydrate Loading Solution. This unique, pre- and post-workout carbohydrate loading and nutrient shuttling formula is the perfect performance-booster for virtually any athlete!


    What is GlycoJect?

    GlycoJect is a precisely formulated hyper-volumizing nutrient driving complex, designed to hyper-load muscles with performance-fueling glycogen while simultaneously “injecting” muscle-building nutrients into muscle cells. GlycoJect is an integrated complex that contains a patent-pending carbohydrate (Karbolyn® Homopolysaccharide) designed to pass rapidly through the stomach into the bloodstream where it is shuttled directly into muscle cells.



    Additionally, GlycoJect contains a blend of key insulin-mimetic and potentiating agents, included to accelerate nutrient transport and volumization. GlycoJect combines these high-performance ingredients with the nitric oxide and ATP replenishing benefits of citrulline malate to create a potent, ultra-fast carbohydrate and nutrient shuttle “system”.


    What Does GlycoJect Do?

    GlycoJect’s nutrient-driving, hyper-loading formula was designed to dramatically increase nutrient absorption into muscle cells, supercharging muscle size and pump, and fueling greater growth and recovery. By engorging muscle cells with carbohydrates, water and growth-enhancing nutrients, GlycoJect boosts recovery and replenishment, while supporting increased cellular volume and hydration, for maximum muscle roundness, fullness and pump.


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    Hyde Power Shot

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    Hyde Power Shot, Watermelon

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    Kill It Reloaded

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    Rich Piana took a serious look at the pre-workout category and knew he could improve. Enter, Kill It Reloaded. 5% Nutritions latest pre-workout designed to dominate the stimulant-based category of pre-workouts!

    When you walk into the gym, you want a complete pre-workout that gives you everything you need to drive you through your most intense sessions – extreme energy, ultra-sharp focus, improved endurance, increased strength, and the fabled mind-muscle connection. We designed Kill It Reloaded to be your go-to pre-workout – every time you train.

    Kill It vs. Kill It Reloaded
    • 7 grams in more active ingredients
    • Additional creatine and more caffeine
    • Features a new, nootropic blend

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  • Energy

    Performance BCAA


    Available in Fruit Punch, Watermelon, & Blue Raspberry

    5g of highest quality BCAAs (2:1:1 ratio)
    Natural flavors/sweeteners
    Improves Performance, Recovery, & Growth
    No added sugar
    30 servings


    Giant Sports Performance Series BCAA delivers an ideal amount of BCAAs to support muscle development and maintenance. Delivering 5 grams of the highest quality BCAAs (2:1:1 ratio), Giant Sports Performance Series BCAA can help build muscle and increase endurance, while delaying muscle fatigue and reducing muscle soreness

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    Sweet Chews

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    We’ve innovated the first delicious candy without the sugar. Our pinky promise to you is candy free from added sugars, sugar alcohols and  artificial sweeteners.



    • 84% less sugar than other chews!
    • 3 grams of sugar for the whole bag!
    • In each bag, there is a random mix of 3 delicious flavours: watermelon, mango and strawberry
    • Each Sweet Chew is individually wrapped
    • Free from artificial flavors and colors
    • Free from sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners
    • Gluten free & non-GMO
    • Plant-based
    • Kosher certified
    • 5 SmartPoints for the entire bag
    • Made without major allergens which includes tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soybeans, milk, eggs, fish, and shellfish *Sweet Chews are manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, dairy and soy.
    • This bag has 11 grams of Allulose
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