With life being so busy and time getting so limited, more and more consumers are finding it a challenge to eat enough protein to maintain a balanced look and a feeling of well being. Because of this, the protein market in the USA and abroad has exploded.

Protein is a critical nutrient and plays a vital roll in muscle repair, muscle recovery and an overall feeling of wellbeing. Anyone in the family from kids to grandparents can use protein supplements and experience positive benefits!

  • Increase muscle mass
  • Aid in a weight loss
  • Maintain sculpted shape
  • Helps you lean out
  • Appetite control
  • Mental focus/sense of well being
  • Increase in energy
  • Increase recovery
  • Aid in achieving goals in athletics
  • Aid in achieving goals in and out of the gym
  • Great for a healthy snack
  • Great to add to smoothies
  • Add to a meal to increase protein
  • Helps with general health and overall well being
  • Protects against muscle wasting during severe medical problems
  • Can help people with overall performance

There are many different types and qualities of protein. Whey, casein, egg, beef and soy are amongst the most requested proteins. But, you the consumer are not just limited to those choices. Proteins are also available with a variety of sweeteners from all sorts of natural sweeteners like fructose or Stevia to Splenda and AK. If you are a consumer that chooses to have ZERO sweeteners and/or ZERO food coloring….We have those choices also.

Another consideration when making your protein purchase is to research the different digestion rates (the time in which they digest) of the protein you chose. Slow or fast digesting protein would be used for different nutrient timing for example:
Whey for quick digestion and recovery after a workout
Casein before bed for a slower digestion to feed your muscles while you sleep
Blended/Veggie/Egg for slower digestion to keep you full during the day

Some types of Protein supplements are:

  • Whey protein concentrate or isolate
  • Egg protein concentrate or isolate
  • Casein protein concentrate or isolate
  • Milk protein concentrate or isolate
  • Soy protein concentrate or isolate
  • Non-GMO Veggie protein isolate
  • Non-GMO Hemp protein
  • Beef protein isolate
  • Paleo protein (beef and egg)
  • Multiprotein blends (whey, milk isolate, whey isolate, egg, casein)

There is a multitude of high-quality proteins to choose from. Check out our web store for our great selection and prices.

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