Jim Buddy's high protein baked donut with only 6 grams of sugar. This is a first of it's kind high protein snack that is low in sugar, low in fat and low in calorie.  Making it smart snacking for any lifestyle.

If you are looking for high quality, high protein consumable foods this protein donut delivers that and more.  Manufactured with high quality ingredients.  The JB donut hits a mix of macros.

A convenient protein snack or meal replacement.  Each donut is individually wrapped.  Making it and extremely portable protein donut snack that travels well.  Just stick it in your gym bag, purse or school bag.

You are now able to eat a fun donut treat guilt free. This protein donut is smart snacking at it's best.  Jim Buddy's protein donut is manufactured with high quality ingredients.

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    Protein Donut – Box of 10


    10 Jim Buddy’s Protein Donuts

    Chocolate Donuts: 11g of Protein and only 140 calories, plus just 5g of sugar per donut!

    Donuts are awesome. So is chocolate. A crowd favourite for decades has been a combination of those two triumphs of human ingenuity. But what about the calories? The sugar?! Take those way down and have some protein.

    Cake Batter: 14g of Protein and only 160 calories, plus just 6g of sugar per donut!

    Cakes are great, but the batter is ALWAYS better. We took that childhood favourite flavour and whipped it into a protein packed treat of a donut. You batter not miss this.



    Donut you want one?: For the first time you can eat a donut that is good for you! Packed with protein these protein donuts work great before or after a workout, or for just a quick snack the entire family can enjoy.



    Healthy, low carb snack: A donut with 6g or less of sugar and under 14g net carbs , yet great flavor? Yep, we did it. Enjoy this healthy low carb and low sugar snack guilt free.



    Packed with 11 grams of protein (chocolate)/14 grams protein (cake batter): , each donut has more protein and less sugar than your average protein bar, cookie, cake bites, or bagels. Take a detour from the average protein snack.



    Convenient, on the go snack: Take these melt-free donuts on your next adventure. Packed with 11 grams of protein and under 165 calories, these protein donuts are a great healthy snack in between meals.


    Heathy desserts: We love protein bars, protein cookies, and protein cake bites just like everyone else but wanted to create a tasty alternative that was packed with protein and straight from the bakery.

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