How to Shred: Water Weight Loss

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Lose the Water

Gain Definition!

Water or fluid retention in your body happens for a variety of conditions or reasons.  Binge eating.  Drinking too much. Eating the wrong types of foods.  Medical conditions. All and more increase water retention. In some instances, consuming an over the counter diuretic will combat this. Encouraging your body to release the excessive water.  Thus creating water weight loss.

Over the Counter Diuretics Shed Excess Sodium and Water

Diuretics work by stimulating your kidneys to excrete excessive sodium and water. They are available in a variety of  blends.  Blended diuretics include ingredients such as  Juniper Berry Fruit, Dandelion Extract, and Goldenrod.  Uva Ursi Extract to increase urination . Or Ursolic acid which promotes anti-bloating.  Blackstone Labs water-loss product Evoporate  contains Taraxcum Officinate Extract. Taraxcum is an ingredient that also promotes urination.

Adding Electrolytes to Prevent Dehydration

In order to prevent dehydration, over the counter herbal diuretics add minerals and electrolytes. Electrolytes such as Calcium and Magnesium keep the body’s energy levels steady. They also prevent depletion of nutrients.

On occasion, caffeine is add to over the counter herbal diuretics.  This also aids your body in water weight loss. Caffeine and other stimulants will also give you an extra energy boost.  Beneficial for counteracting low energy from low carbohydrate or low fat eating.

Water Weight Loss Appeals to All Types of People

Whether you are under a doctors care, stepping on stage or spending the day at the beach. Water weight loss diuretics are used by athletes, models and the general population. In most cases. the users end goal is to achieve a crisper, dryer, more toned look.  Whether it is a special event, contest, going out on the town, photo shots or just because.

Over the counter herbal diuretics are also used to treat some medical conditions.  Reducing extra fluid retention through the kidneys can help with edema, high blood pressure and glaucoma. These conditions must be monitored and directed by a medical practitioner. DO not experiment with your health. Talk to your doctor before starting or stopping any medication or supplement

Herbal Diuretics are Used to Achieve Muscle Definition and Vascularity

Commonly used before a competition, photo shoot, or a special event. Fitness-minded people use over the counter diuretic as an end product.  Keeping it stocked in their gym bag.  These herbal diuretics remove excess water from between the muscle.  When combined with weight training, cardiovascular exercise, and a balanced diet providing a lean, shredded look.  This crisp and dry look shows off true commitment to a training and eating program.

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