Look Your Best on Stage with Hi-Definition Tanning Products!

Tanning products can show off the lean and/or muscular look you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Stand out against the competition!!
If you want to stand out on stage, show off all your hard work and really blow away the competition, use self-tanning and skin prep products.

About Self Tanners and Tanning Products

Most of the tanning products we showcase on our website are competition or stage color. These products are designed for skin maintenance, pH balancing and proper application for someone who is getting ready for a photoshoot, swimsuit competition, physique or bodybuilding competition, or for that person who wants an extraordinary, deep-looking tan.
The actual tanning products are stains and are applied to the body similarly to how you would apply stain to wood. Here is how they work:

  • Skin prep products are used to prepare the surface of the skin
  • Body hair is removed with a suitable hair removal product
  • Stain is applied evenly throughout the entire skin surface and then allowed to air dry
  • Multiple applications are required based on the individual’s need and/or based on the activity the individual is participating in.

Benefits of Bodybuilding Tanning Products

On stage tanning products and prep offer these benefits:

  • Enhancing a healthy look on stage
  • Preps the skin for the best application
  • Prevent discoloring due to pH problems
  • Visually more vascular on stage
  • Prevents trunks and bikinis from slipping off
  • Fuller and more cut look on stage
  • Prevents the physique from being washed out under harsh lights

The tanning product lines we carry on our website are competitively priced and are full comprehensive lines. If you want to look great on the beach or on stage, hi-definition tanning products are something you should look into. Check out our tanning products: