Lose the Water. Gain Definition!
Water and or fluid retention can be caused by many different conditions or reasons. Such as binge eating or drinking, eating the wrong types of foods and several medical conditions. In some instances, the consumer will use an over the counter diuretic to encourage the body to release the excess water retention due to the above conditions or another internal or environmental condition.

Over the counter, diuretics are designed to shed excess sodium and water without depleting the body of minerals. This is accomplished by stimulating the kidneys to excrete the excess sodium and water through the use of an herbal blend of products. In an attempt to prevent dehydration, most over the counter herbal diuretics may also contain extra minerals and electrolytes in their formulas.

Over the counter, herbal diuretic products contain a blend of herbs, such as but not limited to Juniper Berry Fruit, Dandelion Extract, and Goldenrod. In addition to these powerful herbal blends electrolytes, such as Calcium and Magnesium, are often added to help keep the body’s energy levels steady and prevent the user from becoming too depleted of necessary nutrients. Caffeine is another component that may be in an over the counter herbal diuretic. Caffeine and other stimulants can give the user an extra energy boost if the user is low on energy due to a low carbohydrate and or low-fat eating program.

Whether you are under a doctors care, stepping on stage or spending the day at the beach, over the counter herbal diuretics appeal to all types of people. Over the counter herbal diuretics are used by athletes, models and the general population that want to achieve a crisper dryer and more toned look for special events, contests, going to the beach etc.. Reducing extra fluid retention through the kidneys may help those with edema, high blood pressure, and glaucoma. But, exercise caution if you are one of those people with a medical condition. You should always check with your medical practitioner before using an over the counter diuretics.

For all those fit-minded users an over the counter diuretic is an end product to keep in your arsenal. After all, all of the commitment in and out of the gym and a regimented eating program should not be compromised with excess water between your muscles. When combined with weight training, cardiovascular exercise, and a balanced diet, an over the counter herbal diuretic can help remove excess water and give the user a lean, shredded look. Over the counter, diuretics are often used at the end of a program designed by a trainer to aid their client in achieving maximum muscle definition and vascularity before a competition, photo shoot, or any other special event that an individual may want to look their best.

Over the counter, herbal diuretics are also used to treat some medical conditions. These conditions must be monitored and directed by a medical practitioner. The user should not experiment with their own health.