There is no shortage of protein options on the market today, and casein protein is far and away one of the leading supplements in this category. Casein protein is a milk-based protein without the whey. It is known as being a slow absorbing protein, making it an ideal option to take at night to help prevent muscle breakdown. It is also an ideal protein source for people who are allergic to whey or egg-based protein supplements. Due to its makeup, it is the perfect complement to whey protein and can be used together to get the best results. It is not recommended for people who are allergic to milk.

Benefits of Casein Protein Workout Supplements

There are a number of key benefits of casein protein, a reason why it has become a staple nutritional supplement. The benefits include:

Long lasting: It provides you with a slow and steady flow of amino acids
Consuming whey and casein protein have proven to provide greater gains and results

  • It is known to help support fat loss
  • It helps improve overall strength
  • Greater muscle retention
  • It helps promote colon health

The only disadvantage of casein protein is that it is not ideal for pre- and post-workouts, a reason why stacking it with whey is recommended.

Add Casein Protein to Your Nutrition Plan

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